Blunt Force Democracy is Staying

Something has definitely happened because the world has definitely changed; in fact I challenge anybody to say that the world hasn’t dramatically changed this past while. At work. In cyberspace. It’s in the air. At weekend house parties. At the bar. The frenetic media can’t get enough if they worked thirty hours a day. Even around the family dinner table. Social media has made it a gas fire. Celebrities made out of complete nobodies seemingly overnight, websites which were fledging at best before Donald J. Trump threw out the playbook of Political Correctness are now getting millions of eyeballs, and let me remind you eyeballs = money. Amazing how Breitbart News even surpasses The Huffington Post in daily clicks.
For the young and inexperienced it’s the Apocalypse quite simply. While for the more experienced, it’s blowback from a type of smugness that was evident these past few years (I’ll get to that in a minute). Yet regardless of which side of the aisle you sit, and provoke, one would be hard-pressed not to admit that the playbook has swung hard, that the absence of vanilla-correctness has been replaced with a fiery brand of directness. Hyperboles abound… some wail that “It’s the end of the world.” “A threat to our cherished democracy.” “We want a recount!”
Let me reassure everyone around the world that the Founding Fathers understood this ‘Blunt Force Democracy’ phenomena quite well… setting up the very real conditions for this ‘passionate-engagement’ with a Government structure that thrives on such fuel, needs it for its’ survival – unlike the European Feudal Systems they fled – the Checks and Balances of Government that must and need to withstand anything and everything the Electoral Process can throw at it.
“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the Political World as storms in the Physical.” 
– Thomas Jefferson  
Despite what we may all be thinking ‘Opinion Porn’ is nothing new; reaction to the well-crafted hyperbole of America’s newest President with its’ own brand of hyperbole is exactly what the Founding Fathers intended would need to happen to guarantee the continuation of a functioning Democracy. How else can one explain the perfect placement of the Congressional mid-terms… the returning to the polls of an Electorate to re-grade a President’s behaviour merely twenty-four months after victory – that’s merely twenty-four months! Clip him at the knees if he dares to resemble a European Autocrat, remove any Legislative friends; the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. A quick history lesson for today’s Americans would see the power triumvirate that exists in Washington, the separate Silos of responsibility; no President wants one term in a two-term measurement of success. They learn fast how to act if they want to be re-elected, President Trump is going through that process I can assure the world, over the next while we’ll all see a change in his behaviour in that direction – or else! One term is a death knell.
“The Price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”
Citizens will always get angry when they feel they’re not being heard… when they feel useless and fearful for their futures and the futures of their families. Progressives need to walk a fine line when moving society forward – too slow or too fast causes the same tremors… the tremors we’re all seeing today… in the greatest Democracy the world has ever created. The Institutions of Power will survive. The Press will survive. The People will survive. No matter how shocking it might feel – this too shall pass.
“Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.”
Blunt Force Democracy teaches better than anything, like the Founding Fathers understood.

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