Coming Soon… Mother Almighty (a novel)

Circling the Golden Crescent… “You see what we’re doing here.” Phil Cohen then circles the Golden Triangle with the same purpose… he then moves all the way to South America, circling Columbia, “You know this crop gives incredible power to whoever controls it.”
The happiest day of Reed Reznick’s life was being promoted into ‘The Department’.
“You’ll never understand any of it Reed if you don’t look closer!”
But it quickly started to sound strange.
“This could all start world war three if we’re not careful.”
Or more like completely unbelievable.
“Remember People, failed States don’t create law-abiding citizens… not now not ever!”, Tony Skerritt enters the room with force.
The Atmospheric & Oceanic Department has grown plenty since back in Dad’s day.
“We need to extend monsoon season in the mountainous region over here People, where un-friendlies tend to migrate”, force with a black suit and black shirt stare.
Plenty since predicting wind speeds for dropping Agent Orange bombs over the jungles of Southeast Asia was the most pressing concern for the Army Corp of Meteorologists.
“If these clouds drop too low I want a contingency plan for Glaciogenics. You hear me!”
Seeing the staggering loss of life from a country whose land is now 25% under water… 800,000 square kilometers to be exact.
“We need to stay under the radar, everyone here needs to understand that!”
The entire room is focused on cloud formation, wind direction, and storm creation.
“Let the Russians and the Chinese think we’re just dumb-ass Weathermen.”
Reed’s problem is he has been sworn to secrecy.
”This is the final race of them all… and we need to do everything to win it!”
Reznick secrecy.
If the Opium world is feeling muscled then we’re rubbing up against some serious evil.”
Influence the monsoons and you have control… but with enemies.

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