David-Zane-Bio-pic-01 Born to a beloved Teacher and Homemaker; from the get-go little David Zane has been terminally curious. “I called and called and called”, David’s Mother informs his Father with an exhausted grin.
“I was knocking on doors trying to find kids to play hockey with … geeeez Mom.”
David was nine… and the neighborhood had two hundred homes.
Fierce independence and relentless prying has served David well while attempting to ascend the very lucrative and competitive world of Glass & Steel Real Estate. Briefcases stuffed with riches from every far-off corner of the Globe, stylish suits and strong accents buying, developing, selling massive Condominium projects in lightning speed thanks to those legendary ‘Marketing Parties’ that went on all night and then some. Escorting famous Clients was one thing – CEO’s, Athletes, Trust-fund Debutantes, Top Military Brass and Government Bigwigs who all wanted in on the action opened up plenty about their world. Add in a growing list of mysterious Clients who relied heavily on David for the ins and outs, for those weekly insider comments on Channel 8. David was now privy to marble and granite Penthouses occupying the most mesmerizing views, along with hordes of smiling beauties and bulging envelopes that had no end. The secrets were everywhere. “Look up… you don’t think someone controls that?” Wide-eyed through it all armed David with stories, fascinating stories. “Expect a bonus for selling out in four weeks!” David’s World was Blown Wide Open! His mind was Blown Wide Open! His World quickly became an adrenalin rush of pure unadulterated Global Capitalism fueled by heaps of offshore money now appearing from out of nowhere, all shiny & willing… along with black stilettos & tight minis & the finest designer ‘pick-me-ups’; in the little quiet time David had left he attempted to write it all down. Every Deal. Every Crony. Every Whisper. Every Wink. Every Hedonistic adventure of bass-thumping music that went on until the sun came up.
New York. London. Hong Kong. St. Moritz. Dubai. Los Angeles.
Two decades was enough time to grasp what was really going on. David’s first love has always been to create, to delve into those Freudian observations that make People do the things they do… regardless of consequences; spending the last few heartfelt months with his ailing Father led to an unforeseen shift. “What is it you’ve always wanted to do with your life?” At that moment the soberness of seeing ALS take hold of his Dad’s body, of his Artist’s dexterity, plus the unique weight of his honest tones. “I’ve always wanted to create stories that People can really enjoy”, escaped without hesitation. It was the most honest David’s ever been. “My advice then is to do it, go and do it, don’t waste one more second… but just remember to question everything.”
Ten days after David buried his father; he quit his job and started to write.
Two decades was more than enough time to grasp what was really going on.