The Gambler

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Glass Towers shining with pride.   
Gigantic Cranes preparing for more.  
Wild Sales Parties that go on all-night.  
“He’s in the board room waiting for you.”  
Ben Prince graduated at the top of his Columbia MBA class.  
“And he looks pretty serious.”  
But he knows in glass & steel New York that meant nothing.  
“I would like to work closely with one firm.”  
What he needs for his Big City Real Estate Firm is access to that exclusive Money-is-no-object Club.  
“I want us to be a hundred-million-dollar business in the next forty-eight months at least!” Big Money flows everywhere in Manhattan… but not this type of Big Money. “Whatever you need, I’m all in.” Nothing prepared Benjamin Franklin Prince for this well-tailored Mr. Herman T. Chang. “That’s great, just great.” After all Big Money is how Ben’s World keeps score. “I need us to get started right away.”  
A Sovereign Wealth Fund CEO who moves markets with the stroke of a pen – New York, London, St. Moritz, Hong Kong.  
Big Dreams always need a Big Gambler.