Study Drugs

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Putting my hand in to feel thousands… tens of thousands of pink, blue, and bright yellow pills.
“The smoothness of Adderall… the power of Vyvanse…and the rock-bottom price of Ritalin… these are the world’s most perfect hybrids my friend.”
Both of us hover over this teeming box like it’s a cure for cancer or something.
“The less you know the better”, Cecil assures.
Calculating those ‘Princeton’ profits in my head. 
“Trust me Edo… I mean it.”
I need to sit down.
Higher learning today is a $50,000 annual investment… hardly chump change. Students know it. Parents know it. And for any Student who wants to fight back against this smothering competition… Study Drugs are the foundation.
My name is Edo Aaron Singer, and now I really need to sit down.
“I’m giving you a hundred packs to start so you can load up your Dealers”, Cecil rhythmically loads.
Without Grandma Ely I’d be just another spoiled trust-fund kid; now I make my money off them. 
“That should last me three days.”
The DEA has no clue… none at all.
“OK two hundred packs then… that should last you the week.”
The first pill is always free in my business.

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