Sweet Speed

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Arno Klein was no ideologue.  
Can Soldiers be innocent?  
Neither were most of the men in his battalion.  
Can Soldiers be victims?  
They could have cared less about hate-filled rage, murder… Jews.  
Can Soldiers ever be free from what they’ve seen?  
They were just 18, 19, 22 tops – an age where mortality is nothing  
but an older person’s problem.  
Can following orders make you guilty?  
Arno Klein’s battalion was being trained like one trains to be an  
Engineer or Carpenter – as crazy as that sounds now.  
Their job was clear – follow orders or be shot on the spot.  
Like usual the Platform is full – rush hour in Berlin looks like any  
other working city of Europe.  
War is hell.  
All these years standing straight as an oak at the farthest end,  
because it’s the only place Mr. Arno Klein can survive the horrors  
of the past.  
And hell is unforgettable.  
One would think – the rumbling starts – that after having to perform  
this ritual at 7:25 of every work day morning – a single light screeches  
that Mr. Arno Klein would have gotten used to such a hellish sound.  
Amazing what this place still does to him.