The Baroness

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Sami’s insides were reminding her how much this dinner had to go right.  
Don’t fool yourself… women love sex too.  
Sami brought out the big guns for David – reaching in with her flaming-red  
high gloss lipstick. “You look delicious”, David stares back.  
Business + Sex = Combustible.  
Amazing what some well-placed face paint plus a form-fitted blouse and  
skirt… both low-cut and high-cut respectively… and a pair of $2,000 ebony  
stilettos can do to transform how she’s really feeling, and the reception  
she gets. “You’re very generous David.”  
Combustible = Sexual Tension.  
All men love red lips.  
Sexual Tension = Possibilities.  
Far from her first wide-eyed man whose hormones have suddenly fled their  
Possibilities = Big Money.  
He’s the one she needs something from right now… her hundred-year-old family business is at stake.  
Meek Sami is not… but she plays it well.  
Which means David needs to do as she says, despite gazing at her like she’s a piece of food.  
Sami Ramjian enjoys the Dominatrix role far more than business.