The Oath

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“I will prescribe regimens for the good of my Patients according to my ability and my judgment of medical laws, and never do harm to anyone.”
Easier said than done when the bad guys are so clearly spotted from the good guys – and the bad guys are really bad.
“A Patient is only a human being… not a part of any religion. We treat the body, not the mind”, Dad repeated after my graduation.
Daniel kept telling himself that The Oath means something, that it must for the good of Society – otherwise the Profession is bankrupt.
“The Hippocratic Oath is not something that’s just printed on a piece of paper”, Dad would bark during those early days.
Bennies might help you to stay up around the clock, and then finally sleep; but they can become a habit that won’t know how to stop.
After treating those third-world Dictators, Daniel knew what he had done.
All kinds of deals must be made to be allowed into these Countries of little integrity.
I am Medecins Sans Frontieres Doctor Daniel Belrose… a-Political Man of Medicine.
I know I have no right to judge – none; that beach in Haiti was full of empty plastic bags.
Never have I forgotten that first look, that first touch, that first kiss from Ava.
To treat anybody I’ll go anywhere in the world because that’s my inheritance.
Even though she just vanished from my life.

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