Truth With Lies

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A Divorce means losing your kids.
“Desperate but always hopeful”, was what Grandma used to call it.
You wanted a divorce from your husband, fine… but that meant one thing and one thing only – a Polaroid of him caught in the act.
The violence. The degradation. The lack of dignity the State afforded them.
Nothing else would do for the Judge.
Women today would be shocked.
“Grab your coat Lina we’re going out NOW”, my employer Mrs. Kaufman had seen enough of my scratches and bruises.
All Women Are Beautiful – the sign read above the Salon door.
“I wasn’t raised to talk back to the man of the house, at my age that needs to be taught from scratch”, Lina’s eyes had become accepting.
This is the legend of a tight knit band of brave Sisters from those State-sponsored overtly-chauvinistic days, who became secretly known among those that desperately needed them as ‘The Shady Ladies’.
“Unforgiveable”, my Aunts still snicker to this day on the topic.
I still have trouble imagining all those heart-pounding risks both my Grandmother and Aunts took.
The Stories through the tears help.
This was the era of Truth With Lies.

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