Can we afford not to listen

One can pick a direction if they like, any direction in fact – none of them are any good, far less than good actually; especially since this is the first time we are hearing of this.  
Why is that?
Why is our never-ending turnstile of You can trust me Politician not looking out for us?  
Twenty years from now… maybe even ten years from now… who’s going to feed us?  
And why are so many Foreign Corporations – or more specifically Sovereign Wealth Funds – why are they all lining up to purchase so much of our most productive farmland?  
A decent night’s sleep just cannot be had since this data was uncovered, how can it?  
Especially when you realize that 50% of all Farmers today are over 55 years of age.  
And I use to sleep like a bear in winter.  
So many questions… yet so few answers. 
The income surely is attractive, to say the least… although the hours might not be, and the capital requirements are not for the faint of heart; a 300% increase in the price/acre of our best producing land this past decade has seen to that. But is there really such thing as an ‘easy’ business anyways? How come young people don’t want to reap the benefits of these sky-high agricultural commodities? 
Globalization… especially from the Middle East and Asia… seems to be undeterred, buying up anything and everything that any retiring Farmer puts on the market; so much so that some jurisdictions have started to put legislation on the books preventing any and all far-off ownership.  
Will this turn the tide?  
Is this going to be enough?  
It’s not a corporate farming vs. little guy thing.  
Can we afford to do nothing?  
Nor is it an organic vs. gmo thing.  
It’s a sovereignty thing – plain and simple. 
“A country that does not aspire to feed itself has no future in this cold-hearted world.”  
– Thomas Jefferson, encouraging a budding nation. 

Can we afford not to listen.