Is My Blood Not Red Enough?

Every morning my eyes open full of excitement.
The second they do, I can’t help but jump out of bed.
Quickly I put on my neatly-pressed uniform, and shiny black shoes… and race towards the kitchen like I’m on fire.
In what seems like only two bites, me and my sister, “Come on Lexi”, finish our steaming bowls of porridge and flee.
We then pick up our books… kiss our Parents’ very proud faces. “Have a great day girls.” And rocket down the same dirt road that leads to heaven.
Laughing. Skipping. Singing in the wondrous African sun.
We love school – all the girls of my village do – we’re the first to be educated, to be invited into that incredible world of science literature and mathematics.
Bang! Bang!
Every girl in the playground freezes.
Bang! Bang!
The terrible shrieks of terror make my body go stiff.
Bang! Bang!
From head to toe I’m burning with pain.
Bang! Bang!
It’s a sound I’ve never heard before.
Bang! Bang!
Angry men surrounding us while yelling.
They have large guns pointed right at us.
I want to throw up.
But after seeing my classmates get shot in the head.
Bang! Bang!
I can’t.
Bang! Bang!
I can’t even run into the forest… away from the speeding trucks pulling up.
The burning terror won’t let me.
Dust everywhere… they aim their guns while herding us into open Lorries.
We’re cramped and swaying like cattle.
Bang! Bang!
How come the world doesn’t care about us?
Bang! Bang!
Is my blood not red enough?

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