Bennie Beach

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One million dead in a day… just like that. 
Trapped in one of the least understood places imaginable – Dr. Daniel Belrose’s best friend Dr. Adam Babineaux does not tell him everything. 
“Walk around with that knapsack full of pills and you’re going to attract the wrong kind of people!”
Survival is the primary instinct that gets ignited and won’t let up.  
A 9.6 Tremor has created a catastrophe the world has never seen before. 
Both Dr. Daniel Belrose and Dr. Adam Babineaux come from famous Fathers who helped create Medecins Sans Frontieres, who emphasized constantly what being a Doctor is all about. 
An earthquake under one of the world’s most-densely populated cities has broken everyone. 
No hiding behind the Hippocratic Oath and a pragmatic system – the clock is ticking, the mangled landscape and rotting corpses give this a thrilling pace… a do or die pace.
Nerves are frayed in this heat. 
A closed-society of stern religious ideology that is fuelled by massive oil wealth just bubbling under the surface is a recipe for disaster at the best of times. 
Food and shelter are sparse. 
Colliding cultures are a big part of the 2006 scenery, part of the escalating conflict as benevolent Doctors from around the world volunteer their time and expertise in such horrendous conditions. 
No that can’t be her? 
Bennie Beach is more than just a Doctor versus the Grim Reaper’s persistent calling, it is an opening of the past for Daniel, of going back into that past and seeing what could have resulted over 20 years ago. 
Staring into Ava’s dark eyes in that hospital room was totally shocking! 
Tehran is worse than a war zone.