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Nine helicopters over a thick jungle ridge is an impressive sight on any day.  
Cash is not King anymore… cleaning cash is King!  
The handsome Playboy in the fitted navy suit and jet-black slicked-back hair starts to wave in his business Partners.  
The Carmona Cartel is made up of ten of the most powerful families in Mexico.
“Thank you Don Carlos for coming.”  
Just a decade into the family business and Mr. Diego Carmona has a massive idea!  
“Thank you Don Felix… nice to see you Don Marcos, thank you so much for coming.”  
Nine helicopters sit in the distance with their Pilots smoking and chatting.  
“Thank you everyone for coming here today, both my father and I would like to thank you for taking the time to come here and hear our business proposal.”  
More than a few pull out a handkerchief… and start to wipe away the perspiration.  
“What we have here is a gift from the Gods… from the Gran Madre herself. Over two hundred miles of unspoiled mangrove with some of the best beaches in the world.”  
It is furnace hot.  
“Our business profits must subsidize these Resorts until they can get off the ground.”  
“For how long?”
“Remember Tourists have many needs.”  
Each silver-haired Don stands taller with greedy curiosity.
“This is our future, Gentlemen. And it is larger than anything we have done so far.” 
Diego Carmona’s vision is to be the most powerful Cartel CEO on the Planet.  
“We’re going to call this place… The Riviera Maya.”
But nobody said anything about one very famous Miss Vanna Marshall being bludgeoned on that beach!