The Network

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Skipping rocks on a sun-baked road after school always had that same daring dream for Ozzie McKenzie… and it showed in College, the Pros, and now as Pro Football’s first African-American President & General Manager.  

“Serve our Advertisers and find that next Superstar!” 

MadMen exposed the advertising world.  
The Wire showed layers of policing and governing and gang-structure.  
The Network exposes mind-blowing lifestyles that will hook the viewer.  
What kind of relationships do People in this world have?  
What kind of families do these People have?  
How do these People live? And travel?  
Who is sleeping with who? And when and where?  
Who owns this world?   

“Ok Ozzie we’re all waiting for you to announce your first pick.”  

Ozzie’s wife Evita joined The Network, a Network that covers Pro Football far too closely for her husband’s liking.  

“The Los Angeles Bandits select Lamar Lincoln.”  

Nobody survives the complex world of big time Sports with merely a commitment to decency… some teams are worth over a billion dollars!  

If life was only that simple.