Music Man

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JJ Bean IS the music business – he has been all over Top 40 radio since he turned nineteen. 
“I need an ambulance at 2245 Lakeshore Blvd right away!”, the Police Officer calls it in while standing behind JJ. 
Jeremiah Johnson Brennan was raised by a strong single mother and a persistently wise grandfather.   
He sees a girlfriend propping up his little girl’s head as she wipes down her forehead with a cloth. 
Today JJ has three daughters from three different women all trying to make it in the music business. 
“It must have been a bad batch”, one of the boys answers as he lifts-up from the white couch.  
JJ owns the most influential recording Studio in the world – ‘Big Bass Studios’… with a compulsive Board of Directors.   
“A bad batch of what?!” 
He loves his mother to death and is a dedicated father too.  
“It’s going to be ok… it’s going to be ok.”, JJ keeps comforting his daughter with a look of despair. 
He has a ‘unique’ relationship with each one of his ‘baby mamas’. 
Pop Culture. Big City. Family bonds.  
And with the rhymes of an Old Scholar.